Frequently Asked Questions

SBM Bird Control Services would like to answer your questions. However we are answering frequently asked questions asked by our valuable clients. If you still require more information or have any question please feel free to contact with us.

How are pigeon sustained?

  • Pigeons are sustained by consistent and deliberate feeding by certain individuals, often older or single people, who will frequently feed pigeons with high quality food like grain and corn and also in high quantities.
  • It is a misconception that they are sustained by food litter left by the general public from fast food restaurants etc.

I have a problem with pigeons where shell I start?

  • For obvious problems where pigeons are roosting on window ledges and causing soiling issues, then anti-roosting spikes are advised.
  • If you think that pigeons are roosting and breeding inside of the building and there are pigeon chicks in this situation you should call in SBM Bird Control Professionals.

I often read that pigeons spread diseases – Is it true ?

  • All wild birds carry diseases but it is extremely rare for these diseases to be passed onto humans.
  • Large quantities of bird faeces can cause respiratory problems so bird control specialists will use protective clothing and equipment when cleaning areas that have been exposed to significant volumes of bird droppings.