Birds Pigeons can be beautiful of our common habitat, however populaces of nuisance winged creatures can ruin that excellence that harm homes and property with their droppings, spread illness and upset our tranquility with their boisterous caws and non-finishing tweets.

Pest birds cause damages to buildings, roofs, ventilation systems, equipment’s, machinery, airplane, and much more. Bird droppings and nesting materials which are allowed to accumulate pose a host of physical problems which can become very serious if they are not reformed at the earliest.

As a result, the Damage Caused by Pest Birds for your businesses to take costly measures for cleaning, repairing buildings and equipment, and replacing raw materials and finished products. While some changes such as altering the landscaping may help, greatest success comes with a combined approach including bird deterrents. When choosing a bird control solution for your facility, look for a company that offers products that are humane and eco-friendly such as SBM Bird Control Services in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

Damage Caused by Pest Birds

Bird droppings are very acidic in nature. They actually eat away at many substrates, especially tar-based roofing materials. Droppings which are allowed to accumulate on roofs will eat into the material and eventually cause leaks. The life expectancy of a warehouse roof can be cut in half by just a light, but continuous, application of bird droppings. Large populations of pest birds can have significant adverse effects on human health and safety and Damage Caused by Pest Birds.

Damage Caused by Pest Birds at Roofs by Nesting

Pest Birds usually develop their homes on edges, on building dividers or rooftops. Regardless of where you’ve seen them or what their effect is on your property, there are a couple of interesting points before endeavoring flying creature home expulsion. Regularly, calling an expert is the best initial step. Pigeon, starling and sparrow nests are often built in rain gutters, drains and corners of roofs where drains are located. Damage Caused by Pest Birds can cost of repair to warehouses every year experience great damage, even collapsed roofs, when drainage systems are blocked and standing water is allowed to rise just six inches. Their extensive nesting can block the ventilation system of the building resulting in a buildup of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Nests can contain mites, parasites, ticks and other pests carried on the birds themselves, and are likely to remain long after the birds have left. It’s also probable that the nests will contain droppings, which amplifies the risk of handling.

Bird Damage to Machinery and Equipment's

Not exclusively are fledgling droppings unattractive and net, they are loaded down with uric corrosive and game a PH level equipped for summoning harm to almost every kind of building material including steel, iron, stone, block and wood. It will stain paint, eat into the wood, decimate shades and cause unsalvageable erosion to metal material and the steel structure of buildings.
Acidic bird droppings can do great damage to air conditioning equipment, industrial machinery, siding, insulation etc. Not only is the equipment being damaged, but workers are exposed to a dangerous health-risk any time they work on or around the machinery.
Bird droppings can also cause significant damage and deterioration to structures and vehicles.
Droppings are amazingly destructive and can make irreversible harm property and hardware. At the point when the wrecks are not immediately washed away, the droppings dry out and becomes acidic and later come into contact with rain water responses occur that accelerate the rusting procedure. This acidic substance can destroy paint, concrete and metal, and can even cause structural and mechanical failures.

Bird Nests Can Cause Fire If Burnt

Nesting materials are usually very flammable due to their construction of sticks, dry leaves, straw, twigs and dried droppings. When birds build their nests inside electric signs or other machinery there is a great risk of fire. Electric sign companies blame bird nests for most of their sign fires. Pest Birds can likewise meddle with activities by getting tangled in hardware or machinery causing fires, and delay pecking gaps in material, meddling with electrical cables, and in any event, flying into moving rides  imperiling themselves, clients, and laborers while essentially expanding the requirement for fixes and substitutions that cost time and financial loss.

Bird Nest Can Block Ventilation Systems

Bird nests built in Air condition ducting, chimneys and ventilation systems can not only spread diseases through the system, but can actually block air fresh flow which can have horrible consequences. Bird droppings corrode stone, metal, paintwork and other building materials, while birds gaining access to roof spaces can damage insulation can cause bird nesting in the gaps of the roof. Bird nests can clog pipes, causing electrical outages, and attract secondary insect pests, such as mites, gnats and mealybugs.

Bird Dropping Can Cause Financial Loss

Pest Bird droppings, but especially pigeon and gull, will fade paint finishes by actually eating into the protective coating and the paint itself. The longer the droppings are allowed to sit on the paint, the more damage it will do. Pest Birds can also foul vehicles parked underneath and for warehouse and storage facilities spoil raw materials and finished goods, causing financial loss to businesses. An issue that Building owners or facility management may not anticipate is pest birds harm and risk brought. In any case, there is a significant contrast between Mother Nature and a Pest Birds creature issue. Get Rid of Pest Birds causing damages to your Property!

Damage to Food and Other Products by Bird Droppings

Birds flying around the insides of warehouses, airplane hangars, factories and convention centers can wreak havoc. Bird droppings can ruin plastics when they are being molded, they can destroy any number of different chemicals and liquids which are being manufactured, they will ruin new and old paint jobs on aircraft, and they can contaminate food which is being made or packaged.

Droppings and nesting materials on or around a building give negative impact to the public that this building is not properly maintained. One is forced to wonder how clean a restaurant’s kitchen could be if they don’t even care about bird droppings dripping at there doorstep Damage Caused by Pest Birds.

Spread Of Diseases By Pest Birds

Birds cause incredible damage and cost business owners a huge expense in repairs. This does not even include the risk of dangerous and even life-threatening diseases of which birds are known to transmit. Bird droppings can contain many types of bacteria, viruses and parasites which can contaminate food, surfaces and goods. The pathogens in the bird droppings include SalmonellaE. coli and Histoplasma, which can then infect people handling the goods and eating contaminated food.

Birds can carry and transmit disease including toxoplasmosis, encephalitis, and Salmonella; and breathing of their droppings can cause further disease, including histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis. The bacteria, parasites and fungal agents in their feces can pose a serious health risk. Besides direct contamination of food or water, airborne spores from drying feces in air ducts and vents can settle on exposed food and transfer disease. Pest birds also harbor ticks, fleas, mites and other parasites, which are great transmitters of several hundred viral and bacterial diseases.

  • Notwithstanding transmitting sickness and causing auxiliary harm, fowl pigeon droppings can cause slips and falls.
  • Pigeons can carry insect pests such as fleas, lice, and ticks.

Unprotected Opening at Building Properties

Pigeons have been know to enter attics of houses, apartments, restaurants and other buildings through openings that have been either broken or never sealed off in the first place. Investing in bird control will save precious funding otherwise spent on cleanup and repair. In most cases the pigeons set up homes in these protected areas, build nests and discard their bodily waste to know more about protecting your property against pest birds.


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