Bird Mesh Netting

Bird Netting Wire Mesh

At SBM bird proofing services provides installation of pigeon bird net throughout the UAE (United Arab Emirates). This method comprises of polyethylene U.V netting, fixed to a wire rope as per American Standard. The result is an extremely strong net that no bird can pass through also find the net very difficult for them to land or perch on. Anti preventing nets are fixed to the surface using a multitude of methods, with masonry bolts and clamp systems mostly commonly used. Sometimes further support structures might need constructing for additional wiring. All components and fittings are either stainless steel or galvanized for guaranteed long life.

Bird netting is a highly effective and low profile solution to deter pest bird infestations. It creates a physical barrier and prevents them from entering areas that need to be protected. It is also a discreet solution because they can hardly be seen at a distance, they are silent, and you don’t need a power source to operate it.

Bird repellent netting is used in many locations including Airport hangars, CMW Military hangars, Warehouses in Jebel Ali ports, Al Quoz, Ras al khor and industrial area all over the UAE, sports stadiums, warehouse ceilings, bridges, underpasses, gardens, to protect crops, eaves and rafters of buildings, domestic properties, factories etc. This method is humane solution to any pest birds problems that you may be facing at your facility.

Without netting birds like pigeonsseagulls, sparrows, starling, woodpeckers and crows can cause significant damage to properties, contaminate buildings with their droppings, and be a massive nuisance to spectators in sports stadiums or public gathering covered areas. polyethylene netting is highly efficient and a very affordable way of dealing with pest bird problems so if you are experiencing the same situation then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Anti pigeon netting is very effective in preventing access to recesses, alcoves and balconies which are usually hard to protect effectively using other methods. The anti pigeon netting is inconspicuous when viewed from a head on angle so there is no need to worry about how the environment will look, you will hardly notice the net being there.

 We have worked on many bird netting projects and have helped both commercial and residential owners to deal with bird exclusion netting. Our expert team can advise you on the best course of action to take and will be happy to survey the site where you are experiencing the problem and provide you with a cost effective and permanent solution. If you are looking for bird netting contractor and bird repellent products then contact and speak to one of our specialist team member details mentioned at contact page.

Our bird netting deterrent installation and procedures are approved by CMW Command Military Works in the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

SBM bird management service is leading the way in pest bird control in the UAE since 2012.
bird net installation
SBM Bird Control Team installs Bird Netting
sbm bird control team installs bird netting at Dubai creek

SBM Bird Net (Black & Beige)

3×4/3×4 HDPE Polyethylene Bird Net Knotted, U.V Protected, Long Lasting. Available in Black & Beige color.

SBM Bird Control Team installs bird netting
SBM Bird Control Bird Netting Beige Installation in Dubai

Bird netting for warehouses, airport hangars and storage facilities

Bird netting is effective and humanely way refrain avian from enclosed areas like military hangars, airport hangars,warehouses, storage facilities,workshops, commercial and residential buildings. Birds can pose a dangerous distraction to employees operating high forklifts and other machinery in that facilities. Bird droppings can cause a number of health hazards as they carry many diseases. Damp and wet droppings can present dangerous slip-and-fall hazards on smooth warehouse floors can cause injury for the people passing around the facility. Pigeon mess can damage and deface products on ground, shelves, in loading docks and storage facilities. Anti pigeon netting provides an economical way to stop birds access to key areas in and around your warehouse or loading dock and enclosed storage facilities for port areas and industrial area.

One of the most effective, humane ways to keep pest pigeons out of critical areas in commercial or industrial buildings/structures is through the use of preventive netting. Using high quality, heavy-duty fence netting can prevent a variety of costly maintenance and repair problems. Acidic droppings can damage vents, lighting, security cameras, AC units and other equipment also corrode building materials and contaminate products, especially boxed and package food. It’s well known that bird dropping can carry any of 60 known diseases.

Fence netting can be used as a physical barrier to block birds from entering the patios and open-air areas of restaurants and food storage areas. Birds and their droppings pose a serious health hazard, as they contain bacteria, fungal agents and ectoparasites. These can carry serious diseases, including histoplasmosis, encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis, toxoplasmosis and more. Municipality inspectors may shut down restaurants and businesses that process, store or sell food when evidence of birds droppings is found on the premises.

what is bird netting and why is it important?

Anti bird netting mesh is a used to prevent pest birds from reaching certain areas protection netting comes in a variety of shapes and forms, The most common is a small mesh 3×4/3×4 knotted and no knotted polyethylene.

The color most used is black, beige and blue color UV protected, but also bird netting may be available in other colors like white mostly white and green netting is woven or knitted and has an even smaller mesh size as it will serve as a double purpose anti net for the protection of fruits during summer or storm or late spring during flowering.

Bird netting is a procedure to prevent birds from entering inside the balcony safety net in Dubai and the roof structure from steel structure mesh deterrent product is harmless and doesn’t affect or hurt them and is the best way to avoid pest birds away from your property you have any question you can ask our experts, specialist and professionals for help before proceeding for bird control Services Dubai.

Pigeon pest control followed by American standard of installation methods can get rid of pigeons from your desired locations and avoid pigeon droppings, pigeon mess around your building structure droppings can be harmful for Military hangar, Airplane aircraft hangar due to droppings are acidic and can cause damage to expensive Jet Paints. Bird netting wire mesh is highly effective solution and immediate stop birds entering the premises also it is the best solution for your agricultural purpose as birds eats your fruit and vegetable crops.

we have helped hundreds of civil contractors to provide them with bird exclusion netting services and it is a well proven pigeon control measure to keep pest birds away from certain troublesome areas like commercial warehouse bird netting for storage facilities. Bird repellent netting from a distance is invisible and merge with the background of your property color.

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Where bird netting can be installed?

Commercial and residential Building structure protection

Bird netting, wire mesh is one of the most effective and long lasting ways of bird proofing buildings outdoor and other structures like warehouse, storage facility, workshops, agricultural purpose against all urban bird species. It provides a discreet and impenetrable barrier to birds without harming them. Pigeon Net can be particularly effective for large open areas such as roofs and loading bays.

Crop protection

Bird nets are used to prevent bird damage of vegetable and fruit crops as well as seedlings for agricultural purpose. Birds and bats can cause great damages to farmers as they tend to peck one fruit and move on to next and  destroying a large quantity of  commercially valuable production. Once even a small portion is bitten off, that fruit cannot be sold and if harvested will rot or ferment, damaging the rest of the harvested case. Bird protection netting is applied directly on the stand-alone trees of fruits and vegetables.

Fish Ponds

Bird netting may be used to protect fish ponds, fisheries storage and fish wildlife reserves from predator birds also farms or outdoor aquaculture (like shrimp and tilapia farms), growers need to protect their work and fish crops from pest birds. These type of birds have usually a larger wing span  and a larger mesh size with individual mesh thickness or strands being more resistant as it will be installed on a stainless steel cable system crossing the growing ponds.

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