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Safety is the most important of SBM core values. It is our first priority.

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Creating a building relationship to turn client satisfaction into customer loyalty.

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SBM Bird Control Products are eco-friendly, humane and economical.

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We have operated with an unwavering commitment honesty and integrity.

SBM is Leading the way in Bird Control Services In UAE Since 2012

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What bird control services we offer?

We at SBM bird control services Dubai, UAE are specialist in installing bird netting, bird spikes and effective methods for bird deterrent products. Pigeon bird pest control is our main goal and removal of dropping mess and cleanup for commercial and residential building pest bird problems.

We specialized for Military base hangar and Airport Airplane hangar bird mesh netting and also for commercial bird pest control services to avoid birds infestation and increase population in the semi enclosed areas. Bird netting services is our supreme expertise and we are the leading service provider for effective solutions and removal of pest bird’s from residential and commercial properties.

This is a very common question asked by many clients that How do we get rid of pigeons? We use the world latest technologies for bird pest control such as anti netting, nest removal and clean-up services, Pest birds can cause a real problem when they nest at your home or business property, cost-effective methods for exclusion or  birds removal like bird proofing or anti net installation for underground car park, warehouse, storage facility, workshop, underneath steel structure surface. In such conditions it is important to have a physical barrier netting or spikes to avoid them from the surfaces with bird mitigation devices.

There are several sound and visual deterrent products like Bird Chase Super Sonic a device to deter them from large open spaces farm and yards. Handheld laser gun that emits three steady beams of light that are supposedly able to chase the birds away without hurting or harming the birds.

Solar Bird Repellent is sensor powered that uses motion to prevent large birds from landing. Bird prevention netting is the most effective solution for indoor and outdoor infestation as heavy duty polyethylene bird net that block them from unwanted areas those are considered as physical barrier. There are several reasons how damage is caused by pest birds and how to avoid them and what are the key factor that  require specialist assessments to absolute bird control services and bird netting installer in Dubai UAE.

Bird Spikes stainless steel  that deters all pest flying and climbing animals. We also manufacturer and distribute for pest birds products and wildlife control products to provide environment friendly avian pest solutions. Our products not only prevent infestation, property damage, also stops spread of disease, and workplace liability they also eliminate the need for dangerous and messy chemical pesticides, poisons or traps. Solar panels protection by the barrier mesh that works. For agriculture purpose we install super chasers along with drones to deter them from the farms and gardens.