Bird Wire System

Bird Wire Installation

Low Profile Bird Deterrent System

Bird wire

The Bird Wire System from is a low profile bird deterrent to keep large birds off ledges, parapet walls, rooflines, handrails and more. Bird Wire consists of a nylon-coated stainless steel wire that is suspended between a series of poles. The wire is attached to springs, when birds land on the wire; the springs make an unstable landing surface.

Keep Pest Birds from Landing & Roosting
– Affordable…Low Profile…Low Visibility
– Low Maintenance
– Safe / Humane

Bird Wire is a post and wire system that creates an unstable landing area for large pest birds such as pigeons and seagulls.

When birds try to land on the wire, the unique spring wire system will create a sensation of instability, causing the birds to move on to a more stable landing area.

Bird Wire is a low profile bird deterrent system ideal for handrails, ledges, rooftops, parapet walls and other areas large birds are landing.

Nylon Coated Bird Wire is suspended between bird wire posts to prevent large birds from landing. The wire is made of stainless steel and coated with a U.V. stabilized clear nylon. The Nylon Coated Bird Wire is a .05mm -1 x 7 stranded wire with 110 lbs. break strength.

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SBM Bird Control has completed hundred’s of bird control projects in the United Arab Emirates and Middle East.

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